MSK assist

MSK assist

Digital solutions for musculoskeletal services

Digital solutions for primary care & musculoskeletal services
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  • monitoring

What is MSK assist?

MSK assist is a series of digital platforms that support Primary and Secondary care services to effectively manage patients with musculoskeletal problems. The platforms allow clinicians to easily provide their patients with effective support on how to best mange their musculoskeletal condition. Treatment plans and advice can be accessed through the free MSK assist patient app that provides added functionality for patients to monitor their progress, access video exercise plans and other resources that encourage self-management.

Enhance online/ telephone consultations

‘MSK assist has really helped our service in this transition to virtual consultations. It was easy to set-up and clinicians were using it with patients within a few hours. Many of the clinicians have reported that it has allowed them to easily provide their patients with the treatment advice that they discussed during their appointment’.
Service Manager
Sussex Community NHS Trust

Supporting Primary Care Clinicians & Patients

‘Having guidance on how to best manage my MSK patients as well as having a resource to easily provide my patients with good self-management support has been a great help.
St. Lawrence GP Practice, Worthing

User feedback

MSK assist has been a great help to me in clinic. With a few clicks I can now create detailed treatment plans which my patients are reporting to be very helpful.

Senior Physiotherapist